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Buffaload innovations

Lifting floor double deck trailers

Our double-deck trailers offer up to 60% additional capacity compared to a conventional single-deck trailer. High pallet capacity not only reduces road miles but also minimises vehicle requirements and therefore fuel consumption and tyre wear – all of which contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

Bay conversions and the Baymaster

Buffaload Facilities Team offer a service to adapt bays to accommodate double deck trailers for companies wishing to benefit from the extra load capacity. Contact us for information.
We also offer our own innovation, the Baymaster. These are specially modified double deck trailers that will fit on standard single deck bays if they cannot be converted to accommodate double decks.

Gas fuelled trucks

Buffaload were early adopters in cleaner fuel technology. We have 43  Volvo FH gas tractor units in the Buffaload fleet and plan to add more.
These trucks give an immediate carbon emissions reduction of 20% with no compromise on loads or speed when running on LNG.

Diesel free electric fridges

In temperature controlled haulage the refrigerated trailers have traditionally been chilled by fridges run on diesel. Buffaload has been running trials on systems which gather surplus power generated by the truck engine and transforms it into electricity to run the trailer fridge.
Each vehicle running with a gas fuel truck and a  generator will have removed the pollution of two diesel engines from the UK cold chain.

All electric vans

As part of our ongoing mission to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint across our business, we have bought a fleet of all electric vans to use as support vehicles.
All the running around at Buffaload is done using these no emissions, no noise vehicles. They are our green workhorses.
Fostering a sustainable future at Buffaload