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Carbon Footprint Report 2023

In 2022 Buffaload chose to undertake an assessment of our Climate Strategy with Greenly – a leader in digital carbon footprint assessment and an expert in evaluating the climate performance of companies.  The first step for Buffaload was to establish a 2022 benchmark for all following years to be measured against, by this means we will be able to identify our own progress and analyse the benefit of actions taken.

Greenly carefully evaluates a company’s carbon footprint, climate strategies, and eco-friendly initiatives to certify its sustainability. A points system is then used to award Climate Strategy Medals, which provide recognition to companies that have demonstrated true commitment to effectively reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and thereby contributing to environmental preservation. Buffaload currently have a Silver Medal, which puts the company in the top 15% of all companies in the Greenly database.

The figure for 2023 is the carbon data gathered during the year 2022. The emissions value across the entire company for that year was 31.8k tCO2e. Having just received Greenly’s analysis for 2024 (data from 2023) Buffaload can celebrate a reduction in carbon emissions of 1.8k tCO2e to 30.0 tCO2e. This is equivalent to 1,000 round trip flights between London and New York!

Our next steps? To reduce it more!

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