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Brand new LNG trucks

From March to May this year we took delivery of 43 stunning Volvo FH tractor units which run on Liquified Natural Gas.


These trucks represent a massive environmental advantage for our fleet as the LNG delivers comparable performance in terms of power, acceleration and cruising speed, but can cut CO2 by up to 20%. Combined with our 60% additional capacity double deck trailers, there will be a fantastic CO2 saving against our customer’s Scope 3 .

LNG is natural gas cryogenically cooled to -162°C so that it takes up to 600 times less space than natural gas, making it easier to transport and store. if the LNG tank needs to be replaced on the truck, it costs upwards of £22,000 reflecting the value of this technology.

This cryogenic cooling means that the nozzle and the exposed pipes of the vehicle’s LNG tank can be very cold. Direct contact with these surfaces or the LNG itself can lead to severe burns or frostbite symptoms. Drivers must always wear safety goggles/face shield, cryogenic gloves, long sleeves, full-length trousers and safety shoes when fuelling up.

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